Why am I not receiving emails from my group?

Here are some easy ways to troubleshoot your missing emails:


1. Check your email "spam," "bulk," or "junk" folder:

  • Some email clients have over-zealous spam filters that will boot mail from any sender not in your address book directly to the "spam" or "bulk mail" folder. So check this folder for mail from BigTent.


  • You can search on your group's Discussion email address [group name] > Discussions and click on "View Discussion email address") or search for "lists.bigtent.com" to find all emails from BigTent.


  • To prevent messages from going to your "spam" folder, please add "no_reply@lists.bigtent.com" to your "Safe List." If your email client allows you to add an entire domain, please add "@lists.bigtent.com" or "lists.bigtent.com".



2. Check for any email filters you may have turned on:

  • Many email clients let you filter your mail so that some messages bypass the inbox. Check to see if you've filtered mail from "lists.bigtent.com" or from your group.


  • Search for a specific message (one you know you should have received) by subject.



3. Check your email settings:

  • Sign in to BigTent and click "settings" then "email options".


  • Ensure that the forum you wish to receive messages from is set to either "Daily Digest," "Email every topics," or "Email every topic and comment."


  • If you see that BigTent has shut off email notifications to your email address, click "Turn Email On." Please note: BigTent will suspend email notifications to you if your email address is bouncing messages or you have marked messages from your group as "spam."



4. Check for new content for the Blink or Digest:

  • If you're missing Blinks or Digests, the problem may be that there simply wasn't enough new content since your last message to generate a new one.


  • You only receive Blinks when something has been updated or added since your last Blink. As soon as someone posts something new or updates content on your group's site, you'll get a new Blink, according to your individual preferences. To change your Blink settings, please sign in to BigTent and go to [your name ] > settings > email options > BigTent Blink.


  • Digests are generated either once per day or once every 25 messages. If you're used to receiving multiple Digests per day (busy group!) and then receive only one per day, it's possible that your group hasn't generated enough content to generate Digests more than once daily.



If you continue to have trouble, please contact BigTent Customer Support and we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

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