How can I contact members or leaders of my group individually?

While BigTent offers the Dicussions and News features to allow you to communicate with many or all group members simultaneously, at times you may want to send a private message to your group's leaders or to a fellow group member. For this purpose, BigTent offers a private messaging feature, calle TentMail. You can send TentMail to any group member or leader who is registered with your group on BigTent.


You have three different options to send a TentMail message.


OPTION 1: Go to [your name] > Tentmail and click "Write TentMail." Enter the screenname, or email address of the recipient in the "To" box and wait for a list of matching group members to appear. Click the name of the desired member, enter your subject and message, and click "Send."


OPTION 2: Visit a member's profile page. You can access a member's profile page by clicking on his or her screenname from the Members page, the "New Members" area of the group page or from any page where the member has entered content (e.g., the Discussion or Classifieds areas). Once on the member's profile, click "Send TentMail." Enter your subject and message and click "Send."


OPTION 3: Contact a group leader using TentMail directly from the "Leaders" section of the "about" page. Simply navigate to [group name] > Resources> About There, if your group has listed any leaders, you will see group leaders and their contact information. Click on the name or screenname of the leader to view that leader's profile. Then compose your TentMail message as explained in option 2, above.

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