Quick Overview: TentMail

TentMail is BigTent's internal message system. TentMail allows you to send a message to other group members without having to use your email. Every BigTent user has access to TentMail and can send to and receive messages from groups members registered on BigTent. To learn how to send a TentMail message, see our FAQ here: How can I contact members or leaders of my group individually?



How will I know when I have a new TentMail?

  • You will see an alert on [your name]
  • You will see a new message in your TentMail inbox, located under [your name] > Tentmail.
  • Click on a message to view its contents and to reply to or archive the message.
  • You can also easily configure your settings to get emailed notifications of new TentMail. To receive copies of new Tent Mail in your email inbox, visit [your name]  Settings > Email options > Personal notifications and check the appropriate box.


Can I reply to a TentMail from my email inbox?

You will need to come online to reply to TentMail. You can click on the link in your email notification to be taken directly to the message.


Can I forward TentMail to other group members?

At this time, you cannot forward your TentMail messages to other group members.

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