How do I join a subgroup?

If your group has any subgroups, you can find ones you'd like to join by going to  groups  [group name] > Resources > Subgroups.


Here you'll see any subgroups you can join. Some subgroups will allow you request an invite and join right away, while others may require administrative approval before you can finish signing up. Click "learn more" or "learn more & join" to find out more about the subgroup or to join the subgroup right away.



If this subgroup is open to new members, click "Request an Invitation" to join the group immediately. If the group requires your membership form to be approved by a group leader, you'll see "Request an Invitation." Click this to be emailed a link to enroll in this subgroup. You can also begin the enrollment process right away by clicking "To view your invitation and begin the enrollment process, click here." Follow the instructions to sign up for the group. Your membership form may first need to be reviewed by a subgroup leader before you will be added to the group.


Some subgroups are closed to new members. They will be indicated with a lock icon. Clicking "learn more" will take you to a page with more information about the subgroup but you will not be able to join. Some subgroups are closed because they have reached a maximum capacity of members. Others are closed to all but members of the advisory board or leadership team.

If you have additional questions about your group's subgroups or requirements to join, please contact your group's leaders for more information.

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