How do I leave my group or subgroup?

You can either temporarily or permanently terminate your membership with your group or subgroup at any time. Once you do this, you will no longer be a part of the group and will no longer receive emails or other communications from your group/subgroup on BigTent.


To temporarily suspend your membership (e.g., if you're going on vacation for a month and don't want to get group emails while you're gone), simply follow these steps:


  • Sign in to BigTent and go to [your name] > Settings > Membership info.
  • Find the group or subgroup in question and click "suspend membership" under the group or subgroup name.
  • To reinstate yourself, simply click "resume membership."


To permanently remove yourself from a group / subgroup and immediately cancel your membership:

  • Go to [your name] > Settings > Membership info.
  • Click "leave group" under the group or subgroup name.
  • Once you confirm that you want to leave the group, you will be removed from it immediately.


Please note: This action cannot be undone. If you leave the group by mistake, you will need to request to join again, and may need to pay an additional membership fee. Contact your group's leaders for further info.

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