Quick Overview: Subgroups

Subgroups are smaller groups within your group that organize members around a special interest (e.g., a hobby club or playgroup) and keep the main group focused on events and discussions that are relevant to everyone. Subgroups can have their own Discussions, Events, News, Polls, and all the other features of a main group.


Because subgroups are smaller and more intimate, members often choose to share more information with subgroup members than with the top-level group.


Examples of subgroups include a board or steering committee, classrooms or grades, book clubs, or playgroups.

You can see a list of your group's subgroups by going to [group name] > Resources > Subgroups.



How do I join a subgroup?

Some subgroups have open enrollment and other groups while others may require your membership to be approved. Go to the "subgroups" tab to see what subgroups are available. Learn more about joining a subgroup here: How do I join a subgroup?


Will I get even more email when I join a subgroup?

Subgroups can have their own Discussions, so be sure to set your email preferences for these Discussions as well to control the amount of email you receive from your groups and subgroups. Learn more here: Guide: How do I control the emails I receive from my group(s) on BigTent?


Do I have to join a subgroup?

All groups are set up differently, and while most groups have some optional interest subgroups you can join, some top-level groups have little activity but have very active subgroups. Contact your group's leaders if you have questions.

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