Guide: How do I create and configure subgroups?

Only group administrators can create subgroups, smaller affinity groups such as hobby clubs, the steering committee or board, or classrooms. While you can have unlimited subgroups, we recommend that you start out with just a few to keep things simple for your leaders and members. You can only create subgroups for main groups.



To create a new subgroup:


  • Go to [group name] > Utilities >Manage > Subgroups.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Add a subgroup."


  • Complete the information in the window.


  • Click "Create."


  • Click "Manage" under your new subgroup to configure new invitation settings, create a membership form, add other leaders, and invite members. See below for additional details about configuring your new subgroup.




Can I make the subgroup invisible to non-members?

Members will see subgroups they can join on the "subgroups" tab unless you make the subgroup private. Private subgroups are only visible to main group leaders and members of the subgroup and are usually only used for the board or steering committee. You will have to manually invite or quick add members to private subgroups.


To make your new subgroup private:

  • Go to the [subgroup name] > Utilities > Manage" area and click "Group information."


  • Under  "List in Subgroup Directory," de-select the box "allow non-members to find this group."


  • Save your changes.


How will members find and join my new subgroup?


All non-private subgroups (see above) will be listed on the "subgroups" page. You can allow members to join automatically, in as little as one click. Group members do not need to fill out another membership form to join a subgroup if:


1. The subgroup is set up so that members can automatically join the subgroup without admin approval. To do this, go to [subgroup name] > Utilities >Manage > Invite members > New invitation settings and choose "No" for the option "Approve prospective members before letting them join?"



2. There are no custom fields on the default membership form. 


If your group requires approval or members need to fill out additional information on the subgroup membership form, potential members can click "Learn more and join" on the subgroups page to have an invitation emailed to them. They will then fill out a membership form and/or await approval.


Subgroup membership dues


Just like main groups, subgroups can also charge membership dues. To charge dues for a subgroup, first, go [subgroup name ]  > Utilities > Manage > Manage Accounting > Settings. Select which payment methods to accept. Then go to [subgroup name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite Members > Member types & forms and create a membership type and specify the cost. You can create multiple membership types for different priced memberships. 



Adding features and customizing your new subgroup

  To enable or disable features in your subgroup, go to the subgroup's "manage" area. On the "group dashboard" page, you'll see a list of features for which you can configure settings.

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