I am a member of two BigTent groups with two different email addresses. How do I consolidate my accounts?

If you're a member of two BigTent groups with two different email addresses, you can consolidate memberships so that you can see both groups on one account. You will then also receive email notifications from both groups to one email address.  


To do this, follow these instructions:

  • First, determine which email address you want to use to log in and receive email notification. Then note down to which group(s) you belong with the OTHER undesired email address.
  • Visit the BigTent Group Directory and find the group(s) that use(s) your undesired email address. Find the group's website and enroll using your preferred email address. If you cannot find the group's website, please contact the group leader directly to request a new invitation. You can find the group leader's contact info by going to the group's "About" page.
  • Once the desired email address has been invited to the group and you have completed the enrollment process, log in to your account with the OTHER, undesired, email address and go to [your name] > Settings > Membership info. Click "leave group."
  • Now you should have both groups on your account with the desired email address.



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