Quick Overview: Reviews

BigTent's Reviews feature is a fun way for your group to share resources and opinions about trusted products and services in your area. You can read what other group members have to say about a local restaurant or a popular book. You can voice your own opinion about a product or service or you can advertise your business to the group.


Please note that group leaders can enable or disable the entire Reviews feature. If the feature has been disabled, you won't see a "reviews" tab in your group.



Who can read Reviews?

All group members can read reviews of products and services posted to the BigTent group, provided the group's leaders have enabled the feature. To find reviews of products and services, go to  [group name] > Utilities > Reviews. You can find a review or a product / service by searching by name or keyword and location, or browsing by category. You can also browse for categories that have had at least one review by a group member.

Who can post a Review?


All group members can post reviews in their BigTent group, however, some groups may choose to moderate posts to the Reviews area. Contact your group leader if you're having trouble posting a review.


Group members can share a review with the group to spread the word about a great product, or service, and can add listings for services like painters or plumbers. Members can also post listings of their own businesses to advertise to the group. Learn more about posting a review or adding a new listing here:  Guide: How do I post a Review or advertise my own business with the group?


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