Can I edit or delete a product or service listing?

A listing is the page with the business or product information, whereas "reviews" are the opinions and comments posted by your fellow group members. Listings contain objective information such as location and hours. Therefore, you may not be able to edit certain elements of a listing.


To edit a listing:

  • Click on the listing.
  • Click the "edit" link in the menu bar.
  • Edit the information - please note that you will not be able to edit objective information (contact info, location, etc.) for listings provided by Amazon or Google.
  • Click "Save."

NOTE: Group admins can edit all information in group-created listings and some information in Google or Amazon listings. Members who add listings can edit all the information only for those listings.

To delete a listing:

  • Click on the listing.
  • Click the "flag" box near the bottom of the listing. A red box will appear with moderator actions.
  • Choose the groups from which you would like to remove the listing.

NOTE: Only group admins can delete listings, and can only delete listings that are group-created (not listings provided by Amazon or Google). If you're a group member and find a listing that is inappropriate, please check the "flag" box to submit your concern to an admin or moderator, who will be able to delete the listing. 

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