Can I edit or delete a review?

Group members can only edit or delete their own reviews. Group leaders may delete any review, but may only edit their own reviews.

To edit your own review:

  • Click on the listing.
  •  Click "Edit review." 
  • The screen will jump to the bottom where you can edit your review. Or simply scroll to the bottom and your review will appear there, ready for you to edit.
  • Make your changes and click "Submit your review."


To delete your own review:

  • Click "edit/delete."
  •  You'll jump down to the bottom of the screen where you'll see your review, ready for you to edit.
  •  Uncheck the boxes next to your groups to "unshare" the review and save your changes. This will delete your review.


If you are a group administrator, you can delete any review:

  • Click on a listing.
  • Find the review you wish to delete and check the box labeled "flag."


  • Select the groups from which you wish to remove the review and click "Update."
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