How do I set up automatic renewals on BigTent?

To renew with your group through BigTent, members must be sent a renewal invitation either manually by a group leader or through automatic renewals. If members renew their memberships before the current membership term expires, they will begin the new membership term seamlessly once the current membership term has ended.

If members have not renewed by the end of their membership term, their access to the group on BigTent will expire. These members can still renew with your group by clicking on the renewal link in the emailed renewal invition or by signing in to BigTent and clicking on their renewal reminder IF their renewal invite is still active. However, once their renewal invite has expired, these members must contact a group leader to request a new renewal invitation.


As a group administrator, you have the option to use manual or automatic renewals. For automatic renewals, just specify when you want to send renewal invitations and reminders, and you're all set!


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