How do I send out manual renewals on BigTent?

Group leaders can send manual renewals to members. Simply follow the instructions below to invite a member to renew his or her membership with your group or subgroup.  Please note that only current members of your BigTent group can be sent manual renewals.


To manually send a renewal invitation:


  • Go to [your group or subgroup name]  Utilities > Manage > Invite members > send invites.


  • Choose the Invitation Type "renewal member."


  • Enter the member's email address into the box. You can enter more than one email address if you want to send bulk renewal by separating multiple recipients with a return, then click "add to list". Or you can select the option to "add all active group members," then pick and choose the members from the list by checking the box next to their names. Once you've determined which members to whom you wish to send renewals, click "confirm email addresses".       


  • After you have reviewed and confirmed the email addresses, click  "Customize invitation." Next, choose the membership type(s) from which you'd like these members to select.


  • Check the "Pre-approved?" box if you do not wish to further review and approve the member's completed membership form.


  • Remember to check the "Membership Fee Waived?" box if the member doesn't need to pay for his or her membership.


  • Edit the "Custom Message," if desired.


  • Click "Preview Invitation."   


  • If everything looks fine, click "Send Invitation."  However, if you need to revise anything on the invitation, you can go back to the "add recipients" or "customize invitation" steps by using the links at the top of the page.


Once you send your renewal(s), you can the stage of each member in the renewal process by going to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite members > Track invites.  If the automatic invitation reminder feature is enabled, our system will automatically send reminder invites to your members who have not yet renewed. You can enable automatic renewal reminders at  [group name] > Utilities > Manage >Invite members > Renewal settings.

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