My membership has expired. Can I still renew?

If you have been sent an invitation to renew, you can renew your membership with your group for a certain period of time after your membership has expired. Your renewal invitation will specify exactly how long you have to renew before your invitation will expire. Most groups allow renewal invites to be active from between 15-60 days after a membership has expired. If your renewal invite has expired, you will need to contact a group leader to ask for a new invitation to the group.

There are two ways you can renew with your group, even after your membership has expired:

  • Sign in to BigTent. You'll see a reminder to continue with your renewal. Once you click the link, you will be launched into the renewal process.

NOTE: If you don't see a renewal reminder, it is possible that your renewal invitation has expired.  In this case, contact your group administrator to request a new invitation. 
  • Find your invitation to renew in your email. You can find it by searching your inbox from a email sent from this email address: Once you find the renewal invite or reminder email, click on the link enclosed and you will be launched into the renewal process.
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