It costs money to join my group. What payment options do I have?

Big Tent accepts personal checks and other payments. However, each group is in control of which of these payment methods they will accept for membership dues. Please contact your group's leaders if you have questions about payment. 



If you pay by personal check or other payment, please allow extra time for group administrators to process your payment.  If you wish, you can go back to change your payment type to select one that will allow you to complete your registration immediately.  To re-open your registration form:


  • Go to [your name] page then click on the alerts. You'll land on the payment screen, where you can review the payment method you selected.


  • Click the Change button to go back and select an online payment method that will get you signed up immediately.



Note: In some cases, you will not be able to change your payment method if you have already made a partial payment to your group.  Also, some payment options might not be available in your particular group.

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