What happens to our existing public website?

BigTent offers you the option to create a one page "public" page that can incorporate selected upcoming events and group news items.  Alternatively, your current website can stay the same or you can integrate feeds from BigTent into your existing public website. If you would like to link BigTent to your public website, consider using one or more of our widgets.

Widgets are little pieces of code that you can paste into your current website. When you use widgets, it makes it easier for your group to grow (if you use the sign up widget), and prevents you from having to make group updates in two locations.

Here is more information about the four widgets BigTent offers:

Login widget.  The login widget allows current group members to sign in to  BigTent through your public website.

Sign up widget. This widget allows new members to request invitations to join your group. You decide whether members can join right away or have to wait for your approval.

Events widget.  Using this widget, you can stream events posted to your BigTent group right onto your website, and for privacy's sake, you get to pick which events show up.

Group News widget. The layout of this widget is similar to the events widget -- you can choose selected group news entries to be displayed on your public Web site.


To learn how to use these widgets, check out our FAQs in the"Public Pages & Widgets"category.

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