Guide: Can members sign up or log in via my group's public website?

Groups that use the Public Page will automatically have the sign-up form and the login form. Groups that have their own websites can paste a bit of code onto their websites to add the sign-up widget or login widget. In either case, group leaders will have to make some configuration to ensure the sign-up form works.


Paste the widgets onto your group's own website:

  • Enable the Public Page by going to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Group Public Page.
  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Widgets, copy the code for the widget in question, and paste the code onto your group's website.
  • Go to  [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite members > New invitation settings and make sure members are allowed to request to join via the public website and that there are one or more publicly available membership types.



Configure settings to control how new members sign up for your group

  • Enable the widget. Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > invite members > New invitation settings and set "Allow members to request to join from the public Web page" to "Yes."


  • Ensure you have one or more Public Membership Types available. Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite members > Membership types & forms. Under your membership types, click "Edit" and make sure the "Hide Membership" box is unchecked to allow potential members who sign up from your public page or website to choose this membership type.


  • Decide if you'd like a group leader to approve membership applications from potential new members before granting access to the group. Go to  [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite members > New invitation settings. Set the option "By default, do members need to be approved before they can join the group?" to:


"Yes," if you would like a group leader to review a potential member's form before granting membership, or
"No," if you want potential members to be able to join the group immediately via your public page or website.


Customize the size of the Widgets

  • To change the size of the Sign-In widget, edit the height or width in the HTML code you copied for the widget.
  • Remember to include the "px" after the number.


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