Quick Overview: Profiles

Profiles offer members the opportunity to share information about themselves, as well as photos, with other group members. The information you see on a member's profile page will depend on the information that member has chosen to share with the group. 


How do I view someone's profile?

There are several ways to navigate to someone's profile:


OPTION 1:  Use the member list to navigate to the member’s profile page:


- Go to [group name] > Resources > Members. If your group has enabled this feature, you'll see a list of active group members.


- Find the person you're looking for in the list. You can sort by any of the fields by clicking the heading, or search by screenname.


- Click on the member's screenname or picture to see his or her profile page.


OPTION 2:  When viewing content posted by the member (e.g., a Discussion topic), click on the member’s picture or screen name to be taken directly to the member’s profile.


Note: To view your own profile, you can follow any of the instructions above, or click “profile” in the upper right corner of any BigTent page to be taken directly to your own profile.


What is on my profile page?

The profile page will contain all the information you've chosen to share with your group, including your personal information, contact information and family members. You are in complete control of what members see on your profile page. 

 Go to  [ your name] >Settings > Profile privacy to indicate what is visible on your profile. Your profile also highlights recent posts you've made, and businesses you own that you've advertised in the "Reviews" area.



How do I update the information on my profile?

The information on your profile comes from the information you've filled out on the "settings" page and the group's membership form. Click "settings" then choose from the tabs on the left to update your personal, contact, and family info. You can update custom fields by going to settings > group info and clicking "Edit group membership info."

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