Is my information safe on BigTent?

Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, one-stop shop for you to manage your group involvements. We want you to extend the trust you place in your group in real life into the online sphere. We have five main security measures which are described below:

1) Individual User Names and Passwords: An invited member of any group using Big Tent creates their own unique user name and password. No one has access to this password, except the member herself. 


2) Encryption: If you do any form of online banking, tax filing, etc., you will be familiar with encrypted sites – they all have https:// as part of their address. Pages that display your sensitive information such as accounting, membership database, sign in, payments or member list are encrypted just like the pages of an online banking site.


3) Complete control over what is shared: Admins choose what information they need to collect from group members upon registration. Group members can choose what information to share with the group. For example, a member could share her first name, her child's name and birth year, and her mobile phone number with the group, but hide her last name, child's birthday, and home address. Learn more about sharing information here:  How can I control who sees my personal information?


4) Timed Memberships: Group leaders determine the access term to the site for each member, so once a member has expired from the group, they have no access whatsoever to the group’s information or data. Similarly, if a group member needs to be removed from the group, group leaders can suspend a member’s access.


5) Secure payment methods: When members choose to pay for dues or events by  PayPal, they benefit from our seamless integration with PayPal's secure, trusted payment site. For security purposes, BigTent does not save your PayPal information. Members will have to enter their PayPal information each time they wish to purchase a premium gift, pay for events or event-related items, or pay a membership fee (if they choose to pay with PayPal).


The security measures listed above keep BigTent one of the safest places on the Internet to share your important group information. And by the way, BigTent will never sell, rent or give away your information to a third party.

Learn more about your group's safety and privacy here: BigTent Privacy Policy

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