How can I control who sees my personal information?

BigTent allows you ultimate control over your information. While group leaders may require certain information, such as address and phone number, to approve your membership, you can choose whether that information is shared with other group members.

Information about you is shared with other members on your profile and on the member list (if enabled by a group leader). There are two ways you can control what information is shared with other group members:


During registration:

  • Check the box to beside each piece of information if you would like it to be visible to group members on your profile and the member list (if enabled).
  • Complete the enrollment process.


If you are required to enter any information (address, kids' information, etc.) which you are uncomfortable sharing with the group's leaders, please contact a group administrator directly.


After you've registered:

  • Go to [your name] > Settings > Profile privacy and choose your group from the drop-down menu. 


  • Check the box next to any information you'd like to share with the group. Leave unchecked any information you don't want other group members to see on the member list or your profile. 


  • Save your changes.

To view your profile, go to [your name] > Profile. To edit any of the information on your profile, click "settings" and choose from the personal, contact, and family info links.


Remember, BigTent values your privacy and will never sell, rent, or give away your information to any third party. Period.

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