How do I respond to a poll?

Polls are a great way to get a sense of the group's opinion. Groups use polls to determine the best date for the next meeting, vote on ideas for a fundraiser or event, or gauge opinion on popular topics, like election issues. Only group leaders can post polls to the group, however, all group members can respond to polls.


To respond to a group poll:

  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Polls to see a list of all active group polls. Click on the poll in question.
  • Choose an answer to the question and click "Submit." You will see results for the rest of the group. Results are anonymous and only display the percentage of results for each answer.
  • You can change your poll answer up until the poll's closing date (however not all polls have a closing date).  To change your answer, find the poll in question. Then simply select another option and click "Submit."
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