How do I share photos with my group?

  To share photos with your group: 

  •  Go to [group name] >Utilities > Photos.
  •  Click "add group photos."
  •  Under "Select photos" choose "My computer" and choose "Browse" to locate the photos you'd like to upload. You can upload a file up to 2MB, however, depending on your internet connection, bigger files might take much longer to process. Please note: Currently Bigtent only supports .jpg  and .GIF images.
  •  Check the boxes to choose groups with which to share your photos. Then find your photos, either on your BigTent profile or on your computer. 
  •  Add any tags you like. 
  •  Click "Share Photos."


You can edit the caption or title of your photo at any time. Click on the photo in question, then click on the title or the caption to edit. You can also add tags to your photo, which will help keep your photos organized.

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