Quick Overview: Group News

BigTent's Group News feature is an easy way to get messages out to group members, share the group newsletter online, or post important information to the group. News entries can be stored online and displayed on the group's News and Group pages. They can be emailed out to all group members and even shared on your group's public website.

Note: Only group leaders and members with special posting permissions can post News.  


Who can view Group News?

All members can view Group News. To view your group's News posts, go to [group name] > News You also might see News entries in the following places:

  • Group page - This page will show recent News entries. If your group has no recent news, you won't see anything here. Click "View All" to see more news entries. Group leaders can also feature News posts front and center on the Group page.
  • In your email inbox - If the creator of the news item or a group administrator chooses to do so, a News entry may be emailed to each member of the group.   


 Tip: If the news entry was composed in Rich Text format, your emailed version may not display correctly. Just sign in to BigTent to view the entry online.

Your group's public website - Group leaders can share new entries on the group's public site to publicize information to non-members and the rest of the Web.



Who can comment on Group News?

 Some groups have enabled comments for News posts. Leaders can configure this option by going to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > News. If comments are enabled, all group members can comment on entries. Simply click on the title of the news entry, and enter your thoughts into the "Add a Comment" box. Then click "Post Comment."


Who can post Group News?

Leaders of the group or members who have special posting privileges can add News entries. Check out this FAQ to learn more about posting, scheduling, and emailing News entries: Guide: How do I schedule, post, or email a Group News entry?

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