Guide: How do I schedule, post, or email a Group News entry?

Create a news entry:

  • Go to [group name] > News
  • Click "Create an entry."
  • Enter the text for your entry and format.
  • Choose the post date/time if you wish this entry to be posted at a later date.
  • Click "Preview," "Post," or "Save Draft."
  • Click on the posted item and click "Send Blast" to send the news out to the group via email.



Using the Rich Text Editor to add photos, and formatting:

While creating or editng a News post, click "Switch to rich text editor."

Use the toolbar to format your post:

- Add colors, bullets, numbered lists, lines, and emoticons using the buttons in the toolbar.

- To add a photo from a URL, click the photo icon and paste the URL into the space provided. Or you can upload a photo from your computer by clicking "Add more details," then "Add image." Tip: Adding a photo using the first method allows you to adjust the alignment and size of the photo.

- To format your post using HTML, click the "HTML" icon and paste in your HTML code.


Preview your entry before posting it to ensure your Rich Text choices display properly.


Tip: If you plan to send the Group News entry via an email blast to the group, keep in mind that some members might only be able to receive emails in plain text, and your videos, photos, and fancy formatting may be stripped from their messages.


Adding Details:

Click "Add more details" to add tags or to attach photos.


Publicizing your News on your Group page or public website:

To share your entry on your group's public website, you must either:

 a) Have the BigTent Public Page enabled.


b) Use the News Widget on your group's public website. 

While editing or creating your News entry, check the box to "Share this entry on the public group website."


About Timed Posts:

  • You can set a time and date for your post to automatically get published to the group. This feature is especially useful if you send out frequent messages and know the content ahead of time.
  • While editing or creating your entry, choose a post date and time.
  • When you're finished creating or editing your entry, click "Post Entry." The News entry will not be visible to group members on the News or group page until your specified post date and time. 
  • Use the "Edit Entries" tab to manage your drafts, scheduled, and posted News entries.

Note: Timed posts will only post to the News and not send out an automatic blast.


Sending out the News announcement via email:

  • Click on your News item. 
  • Click "Send blast."

Select the sender. You can choose to send the message so that the "From" line in the email sent to group members is from either the group or from you. If you choose the group as the sender, members will not be able to reply to the emailed blast (however they can add their comments online, if comments are enabled). If you choose yourself as the sender, members will be able to hit "reply" to the emailed message and email you.


 Tip: To enable or disable comments, go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > News.


  • Enter a subject line. 
  • Preview your message. The preview will appear in Plain Text format.
  • Click "Send blast."
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