How can I print mailing labels of my membership?

Printing mailing labels takes a few easy steps. Please note that you can only print mailing labels for groups with fewer than 5,000 members. To print mailing labels:


  • First, create a report that contains the fields needed to create a complete postal address (first name, last name, street address, city, state & zip).
  • Once you save and view this report, click on the "print mailing labels" link located in the top menu. This will open a small window where you can choose the label font, the number of mailing labels per page, and whether to include incomplete addresses.





  • Choose the 10x3 Format to print Avery 5160-sized mailing labels (1" x 2-5/8", 30 labels per sheet.
  • Choose the 10x2 Format to print Avery 5161-sized mailing labels (1" x 4", 20 labels per sheet).
  • If you check the "Include members with missing postal information" box, a list of incomplete addresses will appear, and you can choose which of these to include with the rest of the mailing labels.
  • Once you finish making your selections, click the "Create PDF File" button. This will open a PDF where you can print the labels.
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