Where can I view former members of my group?

There are two ways group leaders can see members who have expired or have been removed from the group: 


OPTION 1: Create a membership report with the "Current Member Status" filter applied

  1. You can include expired members in any membership report by selecting "Expired Members" or "All Members, Current & Expired" for the "Current Member Status" filter. 
  2. Simply edit any report and apply this filter to see members matching this criteria.
  3. You can even specify a date range to narrow the results based on the expiration date of the membership. 
  4. Click "View/edit" to see or update the membership records of a member.


OPTION 2: View the "former members" tab

  1. Go to [group name] >Utilities > Manage > Manage membership > Members and click the "former members" tab.
  2. Here you'll see a list of former group members and can filter by their name/email, membership type, or membership end date.
  3. You can also view the membership records of these members by clicking "View/Edit membership record."
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