Quick Overview: Member List

BigTent's Member List is an online roster or directory of group members. Group leaders can choose to enable or disable this feature, so not all groups will have a "members" tab. 


The Member List features information about members in your group, and you can click on any member's screenname to be taken to his or her profile, where you can contact the member directly using TentMail. You can also search the Member List to find a member quickly. 




What personal information is on the Member List?


Group leaders can choose which information to include on the Member List. Members' screennames and profile photos will always be visible, but members can choose to share or hide any other information, like phone number or address.


To learn how to change what information you share with the rest of the group, view this helpful FAQ:  How do I opt out sharing my information in the member directory?


How do I find a specific member on the Member List?


To search the member list for a specific member, type the screenname, first name, OR last name into the search bar, then click "Filter." Depending on what information members have chosen to share, you may only be able to find members by screenname or first name. For example, if a member has chosen not share his last name, you will need to search for him by first name instead.


Please note: To find contact information for your group's leaders, check the group's "About" page. Go to [group name] >Resources > About about to see if your group has listed contact information for the group leaders.

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