Can HTML be used on the Discussions?

You can easily add  color, pictures and more to your forum topics using the Rich Text editor.   To get started just click click "Switch to rich text editor." 


Below are examples of what you can do with the toolbar:

Bold, italic, and underlined text

You can use bold, italic, or underlined text on your group's homepage by first highlighting the text and then clicking one of the first three buttons on the top row of the news toolbar.


Font Color

Click the button with the "A" and use the drop-down to change the color of your font.


Font Size

 To change the size of your font, select the "Font Size" drop-down in the tool bar.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 



To add a link, highlight the text that you want to make into a link and click the chain icon in the toolbar. It's third from the right on the top. Paste the destination URL into the pop-up window. The end result should look like this: You can also add hyperlinks to images.



To insert an image, click on the tree icon in the toolbar and paste an image URL into the pop-up window. You'll need to have the image stored on the internet, or you can upload the image to your group's files and copy the URL of the image file.

dog image

Center Images and Text

To center an image or text, click on the image or highlight the text and click the button in the toolbar that shows six centered lines.


dog image


One of the cutest dogs ever!

Special Headers

You can also use the Format drop-down for a couple special headers:

Heading 2

Heading 1



To use bullets,

  • click either the icon
  • with the numbers or the
  • icon with the bullets.
  • Click it again to remove
  • the bullets


YouTube Videos

Finally, to add a YouTube video - you will need to go to YouTube and copy the "embed" code for the video. Then click the HTML button on the toolbar within the rich text editor and paste the "embed" code into the pop-up window where you want the video to display.


HTML Editing

To format your post using HTML, click the "HTML" icon and paste in your HTML code.

NOTE: The rich text editor is only available on forum topics. 

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