Guide: How do I participate in Discussions online or via email?

Learn about different ways to read forum discussions and to post a topic either online or via email.

To read and participate in Discussions:

•    Go to [group name] > Discussions.

•    Click "Start a topic" to start a new discussion.

•    Click a topic to read an existing discussion. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your comment, if desired.

•    If you subscribe to individual forum discussions via email, you'll receive discussions in your inbox, and can usually click "Reply" to add a comment to the discussion. 

•    Compose a new message to your group's forum email address to start a new discussion via email.

Reading group Discussions


•    Go to [group name] > Discussions

•    You can also view recent Discussion topics for your group(s) page, where you land when you log in to BigTent. The forum topics (or titles) are links, and you can view the contents of a forum topic by clicking on the title.


Via Email:

•    Receive every Discussion topic and comment, every Discussion topic, or a daily digest of forum messages in your email inbox.

•    To configure these settings, go to [your name] Settings > Email options > forums and check the boxes next to the Discussion forums you'd like to receive via email. Then choose "Email every topic and comment" from the drop-down menu and click "Save."
Participating in group Discussions


•    There are several ways to start a topic. You can go to [group name] > Discussions and click "Start a topic." Or choose "Start a topic" from the Quicklinks drop-down menu.



If you would like to post a comment on an existing topic, just go to my groups > [group name] > forums and click on a topic. Then scroll to the bottom to enter your comment.


Via Email:

To post a topic to your group's discussion forum(s), send an email to your group's forum email address(es). You can find this address by going to my groups > [your group] > forums and click on "Email a topic."



If you want to post a comment to an existing discussion topic, just hit "Reply" to the topic in your email inbox, enter your message, and hit "Send." The topic will appear in your forum (or be sent to the author, depending on your group's Discussion forum configuration).


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