Quick Overview: Discussions

Most groups have one or more Discussion forums where members can communicate, share advice and resources, and connect with new members. You can participate via email or online, and you can search for specific topics to take advantage of the wealth of information shared by the group.




How do I participate in Discussions?

There are several ways you can participate in forum discussions, either online or via email. 






  • Go to  [group name] >Discussions to view recent topics.
  • When viewing any discussion, scroll to the bottom to enter your comment. Please note: You will not be able to edit it later.
  • To start a new topic, go to the Discussions and click "Start a topic." Or you can choose "Start a Topic" from the "Quicklinks" drop-down.


Via Email


  • Choose to receive every topic and comment, every topic, or a daily digest of Discussion messages in your email inbox.


  • To configure these settings, go to settings > email options > forums and check the boxes next to the forums you'd like to receive via email. Then choose "Email every topic and comment" from the drop-down menu and click "Save."
  • To post a topic to your group's discussion forum(s), send an email to your group's forum email address(es). You can find this address by going to[ group name ] > Discussions and click on "Email a Topic"
  • To post a comment to an existing discussion topic, just hit "Reply" to the topic in your email inbox, enter your message, and hit "Send." The topic will appear in your forum (or be sent to the author, depending on your group's forum configuration).




Can I search the forums?


You can search the forums for posts by particular members, during specified date ranges, or with certain keywords.



To search the forums:


  • Type your search terms or tags in the "Keywords" search box.
  • Or click the "show advanced"  to search by message type or poster.
  • Filter by message type ("Topics only" or "Topics and comments").
  • Enter a member's name or screenname to search by author.
  • Specify a date range, if desired.
  • Click "Search."

Make sure to clear your search when you're done by clicking "reset."




Can I be notified of new forum discussions via email?


You have several different options for how you can be updated about new Discussions and comments. To change your settings, go to [your name] >Settings > Email options > Discussions and check the box next to the forum you wish to change. Then choose one of the following options from the drop-down menu and save your changes. The options are:


  • "Email every message and comment" - Get one email per Discussion forum topic or comment posted. 


  • "Email every topic (comments Web-only)" -  Get one email per Discussion topic. You'll have to go online to see comments.


  • "Email daily message digest (topics and comments)"- Get one per 25 topics and/or comments posted. If your group has fewer than 25 posts in one day, you'll get a digest at the end of the day with all the topics and comments posted that day.


  • "Email daily message digest (topics only)" - Get one email per 25 topics. Comments are excluded. This option is ideal for members of groups that have a high volume of messages and who only want a few emails a day.  If your group has fewer than 25 topics in one day, you'll get a digest at the end of the day.


  • "Include in Blink" - The Blink is a weekly newsletter summarizing updates in your group. Go to  [your name] >Settings > Email options > BigTent Blink to elect to receive a Blink.


  • "Web-Only" - No emails. Choose this if you'd rather read all of your forum messages online.


  • "None, hidden" - No emails. Choosing this option will hide the entire forum from your view online.
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