Guide: How do I moderate Discussion messages?

Only group leaders or forum moderators can moderate messages and configure moderation settings.

Leaders can choose to moderate one member in particular, all members, or all topics that are submitted anonymously. Moderated messages will not be posted to the Discussions until after approval by a group administrator or moderator.



To define moderation settings:


  • Go to [group name ] > Utilities > Manage > Forums > Moderation.
  • Choose your desired options and click "Save."
  • Or add a member to the moderation list and click "Moderate member."



To approve / reject moderated or flagged messages:


  • Click [group name ] > Utilities > Manage and look under the "Moderate Content" section to see pending messages.
  • Click the link for the items to review.
  • Click on a moderated or flagged message.
  • Choose what you'd like to do with the message and click "Save."



To moderate the messages of an individual member:


  • Go to  [group name ] > Utilities > Manage > Discussions 
  • Click "moderation" for the forum of interest.
  • Enter in the email address for the member you wish to moderate and click "moderate member."
  • You will need to do this for each forum for which you want to moderate the member.


To moderate all posts for all members in a forum:

  • Go to  [group name ] > Utilities > Manage > Discussion
  • Click "moderation" for the Discussion  of interest.
  • Select your preference to the question "Should all topics and comments posted to this Discussion be moderated?"
  • Be sure to save your changes.


To control settings for anonymous topics:

  • Go to  [group name ] > Utilities > Manage > Discussion
  • Click "moderation" for the forum of interest.
  • Indicate your preference for the question "Can members post anonymous topics?"
  • Save your changes.


When you create a new forum, you can indicate that you want all topics and comments to be moderated.


To access the moderator dashboard and release or reject pending (flagged and moderated) messages:


  • Go to  [group name] > Utilities > Manage. If your group has forum messages in the moderation queue, you'll see the count of messages under "Moderate Content" on the group dashboard. Click here to review each message.
  • On the Moderator Dashboard, click on a pending message to review it. You'll also see all messages that have been flagged by group members.
  • Choose to approve, reject, or hold for later. Make sure to press "Save."



To disallow comments on a certain Discussion topic:


  • Find the topic in your group's Discussions and check the "flag" box below the topic.
  • De-select the "Allow comments" checkbox
  • Click "Submit"
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