How do I change the settings for the Discussions such as name or description?

Group administrators can change settings for a Discussion such as the Discussion name, description, and other information. They can also view information about Discussion usage.


To customize your group's forum settings:


  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Discussions
  • Click "settings & stats" for the Discussion of interest.
  • On this page, you can edit:

- The Discussion name and description

- The default reply-to address


  • You can also review statistics for your Discussion usage and go to any messages awaiting moderation.



Default Reply-To Address


This setting controls whether members who receive Discussion topics via email and hit "Reply" to the message from their email, will generate a comment that is posted into the forum under the main topic or is sent directly (and only) to the Discussion topic's original author via email.



Forum Email Address


Your Discussion's email address is a permanent identifier in our system after you create it.To save time and minimize confusion over a Discussion's lengthy email address, we've built in an automatic "Reply to Forum" feature in for Discussion emails. Members replying to topics via email can just hit the "Reply" button to send their comment back into the Discussion.

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