Guide: How do I upload a file and send it out to my group?

Only group administrators or members with special permission for the files area can add files. Contact your group's administrator for more information.

You can upload as many files as you like to your group's files area, however there there is a size limit of 8 MB per file.



To add a file:


  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Files and click "Add a file."
  • Complete the required information and select your file from your computer.  
  • Choose with whom to share the file. 
  • Click "Upload.



To send a file:


  • Add your file per the instructions above.
  • Right-click "Download" next to the file name.
  • Select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location." (Exact text will depend on the Web browser you use.)
  • Go to your group's Discussions and start a topic, or create a News announcement.
  • Right click in the message area and choose "Paste" to paste your file's link location.




File Tags

Add Tags to keep your files organized. For example, you could use the tag "Meeting Minutes" to store your group's minutes. Then, any files with this tag will be accessible by members who click on that category tag on the left side of the Files page. Learn more about tags here: What are tags and where can I use them on BigTent?



Sending Files

When you post your Discussion topic or send a News blast, it will go out via email to your members (depending on their Discussion notification settings) and the link will appear in the topic. When the member clicks the link, the file will be available for download without the need to navigate back to BigTent.

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