Guide: Using event coordinators to help manage group events

Only group leaders can designate event coordinators. An event coordinator:

  • Is a group member who has one-time privileges to help manage an event.
  • Can edit event details, send notifications, and manage (add/edit) RSVPs.


To add an event coordinator to an existing event:


  • Click on the event.
  • Click "Edit this Event" in the red-bordered box.   
  • Click "Add an event coordinator."
  • Type in a member's name or email address.
  • Save your changes.



What's the difference between an event coordinator and a contact person?

An event coordinator is different from a contact person for an event. A contact person does not have to be a member of your group, and is simply a point of contact for group members who may have questions about the event. Specifying a contact person does not confer any special permissions. However, you can designate the same person to be both the contact person and event coordinator.



How do event coordinators work with shared events?

For shared events, event coordinators are particularly useful. Along with the event creator who shared the event, event coordinators have the added ability to contact members across all participating groups. We recommend designating an event coordinator from each group with which the event is shared.

For shared events, only admins of the group sharing the event can designate event coordinators. However, they can pick members from any group(s) participating in the shared event to be coordinators. 



How do I remove the event coordinator?


To remove a coordinator:

  • Click on the event.
  • Click "Edit this Event" in the red-bordered box.
  • Click "remove" next to the event coordinator you'd like to remove.
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