Guide: Creating group events

Only group leaders and members who have specific posting permissions are able to post group events.


Here we'll give you a quick overview of adding a group event and below you'll find more details about creating even very complex events.


To add a group event:


  • Go to [group name] > Events and click "Add event."


  • Enter information such as event name, date, location, and description. You can create single, multi-day, and repeating events.


  • Add a contact person for members to contact with questions and an event coordinator to help manage the event. 


NOTE: A contact person does not have to be a member of your group and is not granted any special event permissions. The information will only be visible to group members and is for informational purposes only (e.g., in case a member is late).  An event coordinator must be a member of your group and will be granted permission to edit/delete this event, manage RSVPs, and send announcements. Learn more about event coordinators here.


  • Specify RSVP options.


  • Ask guests to bring items and set up restrictions and requirements, if desired.


  • Set up tasks or volunteer shifts for attendees to sign up for, if desired.


  • Specify additional event options such as guest list, sharing, and promotion.





About RSVP types, shifts/tasks, items to bring


To simply collect the names and party size of your event’s guests, check the box to collect RSVPs, leave the defaults in place and go to the next step.


However, you may have specific limits on your event (capacity, # guests per party), want to track different guest types, or want to require attendees to sign up for a volunteer shift.


To specify different types of guests (e.g., child, adult, senior):


  • Check the box "Attendees must RSVP" and edit the default guest type and add additional types.


  • Indicate the total number of places or tickets of this type available.


  • Click “Show advanced options” to set additional requirements and limits for this type. For example, you could require one adult to be present in each party, and may limit each member to RSVP for two adults at max.



 To set RSVP limits and requirements for the whole event:


  • Specify the maximum capacity of your event in the “Event capacity” box. This will limit the total number of RSVPs allowed. Members who try to RSVP after this limit is reached will see that the event is full.


  • Check the "Show capacity on events page" if you would like your members to view how many spaces are available on your event. 


  • Click “Set advanced options” to specify minimum and maximum party sizes. For example,  limit each party to 5 people, regardless of the type (1 adult and 4 children or 3 adults and 2 children). Or require guests to come in parties of 3 or more. These restrictions are for the whole event, regardless of any limits on guest types (see above).


To collect sign-ups for items to bring:


  • Check the box “Ask attendees to bring something,” click “Add an Item" and specify name and # of this item needed. 


  • Click  “Show  advanced  options” to specify requirements or limits on this item (e.g., require each party to bring a baked  treat.)


  • Click “Add” to add the item. 


  • Set  limits  or  requirements  across  all  items, by clicking  click  “Set advanced options” Here you can require  each  party  to  bring  a  certain  #  of total  items  (e.g., 3 total items whether they’re  baked  treats,  appetizers,  or entrees).  Or you can limit the # of total items any party is able to bring.



To collect sign-ups for volunteer shifts:


  • Check the “Attendees can sign up for tasks or shifts” box and click  “Add a Task."


  • Specify the name of the task/ shift (hint: include details like the time shift begins/ ends) and the # of spots available. Click “Show advanced options” to specify requirements or limits on this task.


  • Click “Add” to return to the event  screen. Add as many tasks as you'd like.


  • Click “Set  advanced options” to require attendees to sign up for at least a certain number of shifts or to limit the number of total volunteer shifts available to each guest.




Group events vs. personal events

If you do not have permissions to post group events, you will not see the red "Add event" link. If you need to post a group event but you do not have permission, contact a group leader or administrator. You can always post an event to your Personal Calendar - personal events (events that you post to your Personal Calendar) are only visible to you, whereas group events are visible by other group members.

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