How can I reach all members by email to notify them of an event?

You must be a group administrator, event coordinator, or member with special events privileges to notify members of an event.


When creating a new event, click "Create and Send Notification." Or for an existing event, click on the event title, then click "Send Notification" in the red box. Then:


  • Choose one of the following delivery methods:


  • "Email Interested Members" will send an email message to all members who have RSVP'ed "Yes" or "Maybe" and those who have bookmarked the event.


  • "Post to Group Forum" will post a message to the indicated forums and members will be notified according to their individual email preferences (e.g., a member who has chosen to receive forum messages in a Daily Digest will see this event announcement in their next Digest, whereas a member who elects to receive every message and comment will be emailed this post immediately).


  • "Post in Group News" will post an entry in the group's News area and (if you check the "Email this post to all group members" box) will blast the message out via email to ALL group members. 


  • Chose a subject from the drop-down menu. Subjects include Announcing, Invitation & RSVP, Updated, Confirmation, Reminder, RSVP Reminder, Event Photos & Canceled.


  • Enter your custom message, if desired.


  • To schedule the announcements to be posted automatically, check the box next to "Schedule" and choose a time frame from the drop-down menu. You can add additional announcements if you wish.


  • Click "Post." Or, for events with scheduled notifications, click "Schedule and Post" to post the notification immediately AND schedule your notifications, or click "Schedule" to simply schedule your message.


  • You may cancel scheduled notifications by clicking on the event, clicking "send notification" and choosing "cancel" in the box on the right-hand side that shows you scheduled notifications.


NOTE:  If you make an edit to your event you will need to cancel any scheduled notifications and create a new one.  



Please note: You must have group news posting privileges to send an event notification through group news. If you do not, your notification will be held for approval by a group news moderator.

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