Where can I view, add, or edit RSVPs for an event?

Viewing the Guest List

Group admins, event admins, and event coordinators can always view an event's guest list. On the guest list, admins can see when each member RSVP'd, if and when that the member updated his or her RSVP, and any notes the member provided.



To view the guest list:

  • Click on the event.
  • Click "View Guest List."



To export the guest list to your computer:


  • Click "spreadsheet export" located on the bottom of the page.


  • Most computers will save the file directly to your desktop. However, if you are prompted to save or open the file, choose "Save."


  • Similarly, depending on your computer's defaults, when you double click the file from your desktop the document will open directly in Excel or your preferred spreadsheet application. However, you may have to right-click on the document and choose your preferred application from a list.



Group members can view the guest list only if the event creator (or admin/event coordinator) has enabled this feature. Admins can change this setting at any time. To allow members to view the guest list:


  • Click on your event and click "Edit this Event." (Or, create a new event and select the box to collect RSVPs.)


  • Check the "Guest List" box. 


Adding or Editing RSVP Replies


Group admins and event admins can add and edit RSVP replies for all events. Members with event posting permissions can add and edit replies only for events they have created.

To add or edit RSVP replies:


  • Go to [group name] > Events and click on the event.


  • Click “View Guest List,” located in the red box.


  • There you will see options to edit existing RSVP replies and add additional responses.



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