Guide: How do I RSVP for a group event?

Not all events require RSVP. Group leaders have discretion over event options and may choose to allow or disable "maybe" RSVPs.


To RSVP to an event:


 Go to  [group name] > Events. 


  • Click "RSVP to this event" under the desired event. 
  • Choose the "Yes," "No," or "Maybe" radio button. 
  • Complete the required information. Some events require a certain number of sign-ups per party.
  • Enter your comment if desired.
  • Click "Process RSVP."


Event Options


If you RSVP "yes," depending on the set-up of the event, you may have options like:


  • Guest types 
  • Items to bring
  • Tasks or volunteer shifts you can/must sign up for



Depending on the settings selected by the event creator, you may be required to sign up for certain items or shifts. You also may be limited in the number of guests in your party, etc. Please contact a group leader or event coordinator for questions about these limits.



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