How do I use RSVPs for repeating events?

Enabling RSVPs

Enabling RSVPs for repeating events is the same as for one-time events. Just check the box "Attendees must RSVP" when adding or editing your repeating event. When you check this box you'll have the option to configure RSVP settings such as guest types, limits, and requirements.

Editing RSVP settings

To edit the RSVP settings for just one event in a series, click on the specific event instance and then click "Edit this Event Instance" in the red box. While you will be able to change the name, quantities available, limits for guest types, items to bring, etc., you will not be able to delete these items if members have already RSVP'd for the item in question. 

When you edit RSVP settings for all instances, your changes will only affect event instances without RSVPs. If a particular instance already has RSVPs, you will need to visit that instance to make changes to it.

Note: Some changes are not permitted if members have already RSVPd to the instance.

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