Guide: Read-Only Memberships

Members with "read only" memberships have limited permissions. They cannot do everything a full-fledged member can, so they are ideal for trial memberships for members who want to get a feel for the group before signing up.


To create a "read only" membership type:

  • Go to [group name] > Utilities  > Manage  > Invite Members > Member types & Forms.
  • Create a new membership type and click the "show advanced options" link.
  • Check the box for "Read-Only."
  • Finish creating the membership type.



What can "read only" members do?

If you create a membership type that is "read only," please keep in mind that these members' actions on the site are limited. These members are able to set forum notifications, view and flag forum topics and comments, and vote on forum posts. They can also view and RSVP to calendar events, browse through classifieds listings, join subgroups, and access the group's files.

These members cannot, however, post listings in the classifieds or make offers on current listings. They are not able to comment on group news items, answer quick polls, post comments to the forums, create forum topics, view members profiles or view the Member List.

You can set membership types to "read only" in your group's Manage area under Invite Members > Member Types & Forms.

NOTE: Once a member is set to a "read only" membership the will be "locked" into that type for the term of their membership type. Changing membership types will not convert them to a "regular" membership.

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