Guide: Inviting members to join your group or subgroup

There are several ways members can join your group. This article will outline information about sending invitations to join your group or subgroup and general new invitation settings. Please note that only members of your BigTent group can be sent an invitation to join one of its subgroups.


Depending on your group's configuration, potential members can also join via your group's website or Public Page (learn more here: Guide: Can members sign up or log in via my group's public website? ) or group leaders can Quick Add members to the group. Learn more about this feature here.



To invite members to join your group:


  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite Members > Send Invites.
  • Enter recipient(s) email address(es) into the box and click "Confirm email addresses."
  • Confirmed the email addresses and correct any errors, then click "Customize invitation."
  • Choose membership type(s) from which you'd like member(s) to select and decide if member(s) should require approval.
  • Check the "Membership Fee Waived?" box if the member doesn't need to pay for his or her membership.
  • Edit the "Custom Message" if you wish.
  • Click "Preview Invitation" and if everything looks fine, click "Send Invitation." To revise something, you can go back to the "add recipients" or "customize invitation" steps by using the links at the top of the page.



After sending the invitations


You can track the member's progress in the enrollment process by going to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite Members >Track Invites


To see how members experience the enrollment process, see our FAQ What is the enrollment process like for new members?



Validity of Invitation Links


Your group can set up the enrollment / renewal process so that the link to renew or enroll expires in either 15, 30, 45, or 60 days, or one year after the member's term has ended. The link will expire at 11:59 pm (in your group's timezone) on the last day. Configure this setting at [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite Members > New Invitation Settings.





If the automatic invitation reminder feature is enabled, our system will automatically send reminder invites to your members who have not yet signed up. You can enable automatic reminders at [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite Members > New Invitation Settings.


Learn how to configure automatic reminders here: How to Customize Member Invitations Or you can choose to manually send reminder from the page at [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite Members > Track Inivites.


Learn more about sending reminders here: How do I send a reminder or cancel an invitation?


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