Guide: How to Customize Member Invitations

Go to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite Members > New Invitation Settings.


  • Make your selections and customize messaging as you wish.
  • Be sure to save your changes.



See what specific settings you can configure on the New Invitation Settings page below.



New Invitation Message

This message will go in the emailed invitation or in the email letting a member know he or she has been Quick Added to the group. This message appears in the email after a bit of information about the membership and invitation. The structure of the Invitation email is as follows:


Hi [Recipient Name or Email],

Join [Group Name] today by clicking the link below.


You have until the expiration date of this invitation to join this group. This invitation will expire on [Expiration Date].

[New Invitation Message]



Approve prospective members before letting them join


Choose "Yes" to require all new members' registrations to be frozen until a group leader is able to review the membership form of each joining member. This setting can be over-written on an invitation-by-invitation basis later.



Prospective members can choose from

This section lists the membership types available to new members joining via your group's Public Page, public website (if you use the Sign Up Widget), or Invite Friends areas.



Invitations expire


This setting allows you to decide when the link to join your group will no longer be valid.



Send reminder email and send final reminder email


These settings will generate automatic reminder messages to invited members who have not yet completed their enrollments. While reminders are great, please be judicious about the use of reminders, as many people are sensitive to email volume. You can always send manual reminders from the Track Invites page. The reminder message will have the original invitation text in the body of the email, and the subject line will read "Reminder: Join [Group Name] Today!"



New Member Welcome Email


This message will appear in the email sent to members who successfully complete enrollment in the group. Consider adding links to group rules, a "getting started" News post, or an "introduce yourself" Forum thread for new members. This email also includes important info for your members like your forums email addresses and links to change their notification settings.


Rejection Email


This email goes out to individuals whose applications for membership you did not approve. You can include text describing why memberships are typically rejected (e.g., "We cannot accept your application for membership at this time. Members must be residents of the Bay Town neighborhood with children between 0-5 years of age.")


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