How do I list our group in the BigTent group directory?


You can list your group in the BigTent Group Directory so potential members can find and join your group. Group Directory listings include a short description and a link to the group’s public website.


To list your group in the Directory you just need to complete the following information located under [group name] > Utilities > Manage
 > Group Information:


  • Go to the “Group Information” section and pick a category or two for your group.


  • Go to the “Group Directory Information” section and check the “BigTent Group Directory” box.


  • Go to the “Directory Description” box and enter a short group description. This step is important, even if your group has a description or message on your About/Public page. The directory description automatically takes the first 150 characters from your group description, so you'll want to double-check your directory description for completeness and accuracy.


  • Enable the BigTent Public page or list your group’s external website in the “External Group Website” box located in the “Public and About Page Information” section.



In addition to completing the information above you must have at least ten members in your group to be listed in the Directory.

For best results, you'll also want to double-check your group's geography  under [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Group Information. We now allow groups to specify their reach: local, national, or worldwide.

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