How do I approve or deny an application for membership?

 Just click on "Manage " and look under "Track Memberships" to see if there are any memberships awaiting approval. You'll be taken to Track Invitations > Approve Members page. Once there:


  • Click the "view membership form" link to view an applicants membership form.
  • Select the "hold for later", "approve", or "reject" radio button.
  • Click the "Submit" button.


If you approve the membership, the member will be sent an email asking him/her to return to the site to complete his/her registration with your group.

If you deny the membership, the prospective member will receive an email notification. You may want to communicate why you're rejecting a membership to those individuals you choose not to approve. You can create a custom message that prospective members will see when an administrator rejects his or her application for membership.

To use this feature:


  • Go to  [your group or subgroup name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite Members > New Invitation Settings.
  • Enter your custom rejection message.
  • Click "Save."

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