What is the enrollment process like for new members?

Members join a group when they receive an emailed invitation or sign up on BigTent. Group leaders can send invitations or members can join directly via the BigTent Sign-up Widget on the group's public website (if your group uses this feature). To learn more about the Sign-up Widget and public page, click here.


Each invitation is tied to a single email address; this prevents forwarding of invitations to unauthorized users. If a new member joins BigTent for the first time and needs to pay dues or fees to a group, then she will go through a total of five steps to join on BigTent. Read on to learn what the enrollment process looks like for members. 

Step 1. Open email and click link (for members being sent an invite)


Step 2. Create a BigTent account. Members new to BigTent will need to create a new account. Members already on BigTent will be asked to sign in**.

Step 3. Select membership type, complete membership form and request to join a subgroup (optional).

Group leaders determine membership type(s) members can choose when joining the group.  Members will choose from available membership types.

Members fill out a customized form that the group leaders have created for the group. All information will be stored in the admin-only database for future searching and reference. Some information may be shared between all group members. Members see what information is getting shared with whom by consulting the column on the right side of the form. Checkmarks indicate what information is viewable by members and which fields are viewable by group leaders (all fields are shared with group leaders).




If the group has subgroups connected to it, members will also get to join subgroups or request invitations to join private subgroups.
Step 4: Select email options. Now they have options to decide how much email they'd like
to receive from the group.


Step 5. Wait for approval (optional)**. If the group requires an admin to approve all new memberships, members will see a message indicating that they need to wait for approval before they can finish the enrollment process. Once approved, members will receive an email message with a link to continue their enrollment.

Step 6. Pay for membership (optional)**. If the group requires members to pay dues for membership, they will see the payment page. By default, members can pay dues by personal check, or other payment agreement between members and the club (e.g., a member has already paid at a recent meeting). However, each group can choose to limit which payment options members have.
Step 7: Welcome email. Members will receive an emailed welcome message. Group administrators can
configure and customize this message in advance by going to [group name] > Utilities > Manage > Invite Members > New Invitation Settings.



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