What are the different ways a member can join my group?

Depending on how you decide to configure your group, there are many ways members can find out about and/or join your group. Below is a list of these different options and links to find out more information on each method.

1. Invite members

  • Group leaders can send an email invitation to prospective members. Until the recipient receives the email and completes the enrollment, he/she is not in the group and will not receive group email communications.


2. Quick Add members

  •  Group leaders can create a profile for the new member with his/her name and email address. The new member must complete the registration process to log on to the group, RSVP for events, etc. but will start receiving email communications (forum posts, news, etc.) from the group immediately.

3. Group's public website

  •  Group leaders can use the Sign-Up Widget by inserting a bit of code on the group's public website, or by enabling a free public web page for the group. Potential members can enter their info and receive an emailed invitation. 
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