Quick Overview: Classifieds

BigTent's group Classifieds area makes it easy to post items for sale and clear clutter from your house, or to search for used gear sold by people you trust.


How do I find classifieds listings that interest me?

OPTION 1:  You can search by keyword or listing type at [group name] > Classifieds


OPTION 2: If you can't find a specific item you're looking for, use BigTent’s notification system to ping you when it becomes available.


- Go to [your name] >Settings > Email options > Classifieds.

- Enter keywords for the item you're seeking in the field provided.

- You can then choose to get updates via email, in your Blink, or on BigTent when a matching listing is posted. 


OPTION 3: You can also daily digest of classifieds listings.

  - Go to [your name] >Settings > Email options > Classifieds.

- Check the box next to the name of your group.

- Click "Save"

OPTION 4: To receive every new classifieds listing via email at the time it's posted.

  - Go to [your name] >Settings > Email options > Classifieds.

- Next to "Email me each time there is a new classified listing in my group(s)" select "Yes"

 - Click "Save"



How do I post a listing?


Check out our detailed FAQ on posting a new listing and managing offers here: Where do I go to sell an item or post a Classified listing? 

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