Quick Overview: My Calendar

The My Calendar page lets you view events for one or all of your groups, as well as your personal events, in one integrated calendar view. You can export the calendar for use in another application, or print the calendar to track your group and personal events offline. Check or uncheck the box next to any group to view or hide that group's events on your calendar.


How do I view my calendar?

Option 1. Click the "my calendar" link located at the top of the page. Check the box(es) of the calendar(s) you wish to view. To view only your personal calendar, check only the "Personal" calendar box.

Option 2. Go to my groups > [group name] > events > "view my calendar."

How do I export the calendar?

See this FAQ for detailed instructions.


Can I print the calendar?

On the "my calendar" page, click "Print View," located in the upper left-hand box, to display a printable version of your calendar.