Are group members' birthdays visible on the calendar?

Group leaders can choose to show member's birthdays on the calendar (although the birth year will not be visible). The birthday will be indicated with a little icon of a birthday cake.

Group leaders can enable the setting to show birthdays in the calendar by following the steps below:


  • Go to [group name] > Utilities > Events
  • Check the "Show Birthdays" checkbox.



Note: If your group's privacy settings are such that your group shares children's birthdays, enabling the above setting will also show members' children's birthdays in the calendar.

If individual members wish to opt out of having their birthdays shared on the calendar, they can still do so, even if the group shares this information. These group members can simply remove their birthdays from their account (and therefore from the group's database and the group calendar) by entering spaces instead of dates in the fields for their birthday month, day, and year.

These changes can be made by navigating to  [your name] > Settings > profile privacy.

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