Quick Overview: Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a handy way to keep track of group content you find interesting, and to ensure that you see any updates to particular content. When you see a discussion topic, classifieds listing, or calendar event you want to tag, click the "Bookmark Now" link.

You'll find a list of all your bookmarks at [your name] > bookmarks. Content in your bookmarked items that is new or has been updated will be marked with a "new" icon. If there's been an update to one of your bookmarks, you'll also be notified with an alert in the Greetings Box.




Please note that all content you create on BigTent is automatically bookmarked.


How do I add a bookmark?

You can bookmark almost any content on BigTent. To bookmark a discussion topic, news post, or classified listing, click "bookmark now."

To bookmark a person to stay updated on content he or she posts, click "Add to friends list" while viewing that person's profile.

To bookmark a Review, click "Add to favorites" while viewing that Review.


How do I remove a bookmark?

There are a couple of options for deleting bookmarks.

To remove any type of bookmark:

  • Navigate to the bookmarks page by going to [your name] > Bookmarks.
  • Check the "remove" box next to the unwanted item(s).
  • Save your changes.

Another option to remove a discussion topic bookmark:

  • View the discussion topic.
  • Click 'Remove Bookmark' at the bottom of the page.


How do I manage my bookmarks and how they update me of new content?

You can specify how bookmarks update you by default, and you can also specify how each individual bookmark updates you (e.g., if you want to get emailed immediately for a special topic, but generally want bookmark updates to appear online).


To change how you are updated by your bookmarks:

Go to [your name] > bookmarks


  • Choose your desired notification option on a per-bookmark basis.
  • Or, click [your name] > Settings > Email options > Personal to change your default bookmark settings.


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